Synchrotron – Australia’s great ring of light

Greg Le Blanc and his team are some 22km south-east of the CBD in Melbourne, working underground in the middle of the night. In an enclosed room they huddle over monitor screens, while…


A one-way ticket to Keplar-20b

Could we ever get home from a super-Earth? It’s hard enough for huge rockets to provide the energy required to launch into orbit from Earth. But what if the field of gravity was…

Why doesn’t a dishwasher dry plastic?

After a dishwasher cycle, the plates and glasses are usually dry, whereas plastic boxes and cups remain wet. The difference is due to the different materials’ ability to absorb heat, also known as…

The fate of our Universe

Doomsday is still a long way away, but this is what might happen.

Telescope buried in Antarctic ice

Scientists are using a giant block of ice to detect neutrinos.

Land of science and discovery

Antarctica seems so unwelcoming that it has awakened the imagination of scientists and adventurers. One hundred years ago, it was almost impossible to live there, but today the endless ice deserts of the…

Photographing the world’s smallest shadow

How few atoms do we need to cast a shadow?

Why is everyone talking about the Higgs boson?

Tonight scientists at the CERN research centre will release a press statement explaining whether or not they have found the Higgs boson. Although most of us are not too familiar with this hypothetical…

Bend it like Beckham…scientifically

The perfect soccer ball kicking formula has been calculated.

Powering a mobile phone with a T-shirt

Soon you will be able to charge your mobile phone with a humble T-shirt.

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