ESA - S. Corvaja

Moon landing celebrated by new ISS arrivals

ESA, NAS and Russion astronauts were launched to the International Space Station from the Baikonur cosmodrome in Kazakhstan on Saturday, with the ESA’s Luca Parmitano alongside NASA astronaut Drew Morgan and Russian Roscosmos…

Super Telescopes

SOLVING THE MYSTERIES OF THE UNIVERSE In the most desolate regions of the globe, astronomers and engineers are building a new generation of super telescopes. The high-tech structures will be spread across several…

Travelling to the past

Scientists gain VIP access to the stars.

The Discovery of a powerful Black Hole Hurricane

Twenty-eight thousand light years away from Earth, towards the centre of the Milky Way, an unexpectedly mighty hurricane blows around a tiny black hole.

Young galaxy cluster found

Astronomers have discovered the most distant example of a galaxy cluster.

Missing link in black hole formation discovered

A new class of black hole could be the key to the formation of supermassive black holes.

Black hole’s history reconstructed for the first time

Astronomers have produced a complete description of Cygnus X-1’s black hole.

Planets smashed to microscopic dust near black holes

The clouds that obscure supermassive black holes could be the result of high speed collisions between planets and asteroids.

Tractor beams may become a reality

NASA is developing technology from science fiction.

Planetary embryo discovered

In order to understand how the solar system began, we need to further investigate the ways in which planets are formed. LkCa 15 may hold one of the answers.

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