It’s Frog ID week – here’s how you can help

More than 240 frog species are under threat from climate change, bushfires, floods, habitat loss and degradation,  and disease. You can help save them by taking part in the fourth annual FrogID Week, 12-21…

Royal Botanic Gardens Sydney

Australia’s new leader in botanical science

Australia has a new scientific institute that brings together an astoundingly broad sweep of botanic research organisations and collections, services and facilities.  The Australian Institute of Botanical Science is positioned to become a…

Can Australia’s shores cope with a super trawler?

What do history and science tell us about the impacts of trawling.

Deadly devil disease is here to stay

The devil is apparently in the chromosomes.

Corals can suffer from nutrient imbalance

Improving water quality could help save coral reefs.

Top predators in crisis

In many places, the numbers of large predators have fallen by more than 90 per cent over the course of a few decades. Scientists are working feverishly to learn how this dearth of…

Snake disease decoded

Three snakes have helped researchers decode a mysterious disease.

New green lacewing discovered in Malaysia

A Malaysian amateur photographer, Guek Hock Ping, captured a beautiful green lacewing in early 2011. Before freeing it, he took some pictures that were uploaded to Flickr. When Shaun Winterton, an entomologist who…

Tiny snail believed extinct is rediscovered

The oblong rocksnail, declared extinct in 2000, has made a comeback.

Primates in the wild

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