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Art work generated by artificial intelligence

This is a frame from a dynamic artwork by Istanbul-based artist Ferdi Alici, who has collaborated with NASA and CERN to create a huge AI-driven multisensory experience which will form part of lluminate…

Andi Edwards/Alamy/ImageSelect

What is the world’s most toxic tree?

“I recently say a sign in Wingham Brush Nature Reserve, warning of giant stinging trees. Are there any trees more toxic than these?” The various species of Dendrocnide, such as the Dendrocnide excela…


New tool will help black-hole hunters re-examine old data

Astronomers have a new way of detecting active black holes and of measuring how much matter they are sucking in. Scientists say that the new technique can use existing data from telescopes to…

Mark Garlick/SPL, Shutterstock & The Granger Coll./Ritzau Scanpix

Superdeep diamonds reveal the limits of carbon-based life

For the first time, analyses of diamonds have demonstrated how deeply life leaves its mark inside the Earth. All life on Earth is part of the carbon cycle. Plants and animals are made…


Look to the skies: rare chance to see candidate for Star of Bethlehem?

Right on the solstice, a ‘great conjunction’ of Jupiter and Saturn will occur when the two planets converge shortly after sunset Australia time tonight, Monday 21 December. They will appear almost as one… staff: "Medical gallery of Blausen Medical 2014

Aussie Anne Abbott wins John Maddox Prize for ‘Standing up for Science’

While the main John Maddox Prize for 2020 goes to Anthony Fauci and Salim Abdool Karim for their communication of evidence during the Covid-19 pandemic, the judges have again this year chosen to…


A one-way ticket to Keplar-20b

Could we ever get home from a super-Earth? It’s hard enough for huge rockets to provide the energy required to launch into orbit from Earth. But what if the field of gravity was…


UNSW Sydney launches virtual Museum of Human Disease

Staff at the Museum of Human Disease at UNSW Sydney have used their lockdown time wisely, by creating a virtual version of their collection of real organs and body parts, which constitute the…

Gut bugs make your drunk

Auto-brewery gut bacteria get you drunk

A special type of a well-known intestinal bacterium could be responsible for some cases of severe liver disease, according to new studies. Scientists from the Capital Institute of Pediatrics in China discovered the…

Whisky tongue

Artificial tongue to lick fake whisky

Who else but Scottish engineers would think of using an artificial tongue to differentiate between whiskies? A new paper published in the Royal Society of Chemistry’s journal Nanoscale describe how they built the tiny…

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