Nature Book Week

Nature Book Week – free online events from 6 September

The Wilderness Society’s Nature Book Week starts on 6 September, with science communicator Dr Jen Martin as his year’s Nature Book Week Ambassador, leading a series of workshops, talks and events – just…

Outside The Box

Think Inc. moves online with Outside The Box: Jamie Metzl 26 April

Previous Think Inc. events have brought leading science minds such as Jane Goodall, Neil deGrasse Tyson, and Richard Dawkins in tour to Australia, speaking in a town hall or auditorium setting in a…

Big Bang: The Accidental Proof

Something like 50 years ago, two astronomers made a discovery by accident, which became central to the current leading theory of the creation of the universe – and the theory which the most…

Scientists are reviving extinct species:

Return of the beasts One single cell. That could be all we need to revive a mammoth. Over the last decade, scientists have been part of a veritable revolution of DNA decoding and…

DIY Space Program

Sandy Antunes did not react to his threatening midlife crisis by buying a motorcycle or climbing mountains. Instead, the 46-year-old American built his own small, customised satellite. Picosatellites like his are available as…

Google Earth inspires cell biologists

Advances in microscopy allow researchers to zoom in and out of biological tissue like they’re using Google Earth.

Sandstone block may change history

A discovery provides new insight on dinosaur diversity and activity in Australia.

The Spotless Mind?

Memories can be enhanced or erased by manipulating the activity of PKMzeta.

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