Higgs boson: the quest continues

After years and years, the quest seems to be over”¦ or at least that is what we expect to hear next week, when CERN’s scientists unveil their results at the at the 36th International…

The power of string energy

Dr Henryk Frystaki talks about the universe, string theory and the GUT.  

No more hiding

Scientists at MIT Media Lab have develop a new imaging system that gathers information from opaque objects. This has helped in the development of a new camera that can peer around corners.

How many subatomic particles exist?

There are two types of subatomic particles: elementary and composite particles.

A few steps closer to Harry Potter’s invisibility cloak

  Now you see it… science can make things invisible.

Ask Us: Why is it dangerous to heat water in the microwave?

Could your cup of coffee burn you?

Ask Us: Can an airplane fly upside down?

It all depends of the engine and the pilot.

Discovery of “God particle”

Scientists believe that they may have caught their first glimpse of the Higgs Boson, or “God particle”, a subatomic unit that is a vital factor in science’s understanding of the universe.

World’s smallest stirling engine developed

Technology that works on a large scale can cause spluttering in a smaller one.

New Paradigm of High Energy Physics on the Verge

It seems that CERN has successfully repeated the neutrino experiment, what’s next?

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