Amazing images

In memory of Neil Armstrong

Eye of the spider…or not

A German scientist has discovered the world’s first eyeless huntsman spider.

New green lacewing discovered in Malaysia

A Malaysian amateur photographer, Guek Hock Ping, captured a beautiful green lacewing in early 2011. Before freeing it, he took some pictures that were uploaded to Flickr. When Shaun Winterton, an entomologist who…

Golden lion tamarind

Primates in the wild

Beewolf larvae protected by antibacterial cocktail

  Beewolves are digger wasps that love to hunt bees, but that comes at a price: their prey may be infected with pathogens, a threat for the beewolf larvae. Because the young insects…

Wellcome Image Awards 2012

First images of the common cold virus

Saving lives one 3D image at a time.

Star ejects bubble of gas

Near the North Celestial Pole, in the constellation of Camelopardalis (The Giraffe), a star shines. The celestial body is a prime example of a carbon star (it contains more carbon than oxygen), but…


Fashion from the stars

Diabetes for bees

A bee’s sensitivity to sugar reveals her attitude to food.

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