Arts & Science

DNA strands self-assemble to make nanoscale artworks

Artistically crafted nanotechnology could enable the development of new tools to deliver drugs directly into disease sites in the body.

Colour variation speeds up evolution

Decades of data gathered by bird watchers and geneticists have helped confirm a 60-year-old theory of evolution.

Dinosaur farts could have contributed to global warming

Gaseous emissions from giant herbivores may have been enough to warm the Earth.

Bigger isn’t always better — or faster

Lizard study reveals why cheetahs are the world’s fastest animal.

Understanding Frida Kahlo’s fertility problems

The famous Mexican painter studied medicine in her youth and used that knowledge to paint the different factors that might have affected her ability to procreate.

Glowing can be an effective camouflage

Small-eye pigmy sharks’ bellies shine to disguise them from predators.

Brain scans predict weight and sexual behaviour

Functional MRI scans can reliably judge a person’s most basic appetites.

Talking trees

Plants can emit and react to sounds.

Picky females promote diversity

Women are genetically designed to be picky — particularly with their men.

Slumber: a new study regime?

Sleeping after processing new material helps retain information.

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