Art work generated by artificial intelligence

This is a frame from a dynamic artwork by Istanbul-based artist Ferdi Alici, who has collaborated with NASA and CERN to create a huge AI-driven multisensory experience which will form part of lluminate Adelaide, the city’s winter festival of light, music and art which “shines a light on South Australia for the month of July”.

Alici, who is a director of the creative hub Ouchhh Studios, has created the exhibit entitled ‘Wisdom of AI Light’ by training a computer-based artificial intelligence to analyse billions of brushstrokes made by renaissance painters, including a particular focus on the works of Leonardo da Vinci.

Various algorithms are then used to create ‘data paintings’ projected at an immersively large scale in the festival’s ‘Illuminate Pavilion’, accompanied by music by Italian-born pianist and composer Ludovico Einaudi. 

The ticketed experience lasts around 45 minutes, running from Saturday 16 July.

The festival also includes many free events, including a Digital Garden at Mount Gambier where a giant ‘Pool’ of circles react to touch, using cutting-edge mesh-network technology. 

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