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Copenhagen enforces green roof policy

Denmark’s capital is set to become a city of sky gardens, with the passing of a mandatory green roof law for new buildings.

Born to climb: Tashi Tenzing on Everest

More than half a century after his grandfather became one of the first men in the world to summit Everest, the spirit of adventure lives on in Tashi Tenzing.

Green your home: cutting waste down to zero

Household rubbish isn’t all about the kitchen bin. From chemical refuse to garage junk, most unwanted objects can take on a new life somewhere else, as long as you know where to put…

Top science jobs: Rainforest crusader

For William Laurance, no two days are ever the same. One might involve supervising a PhD project in Asia, the next he could be deep in the North Queensland rainforest, collecting evidence of…

Outback race for the Square Kilometre Array telescope

Following a career that has included stints at NASA and the European Southern Observatory, Dr Peter Quinn now has a brief to bring Australia the most exciting new space project of the new…

Green your home: Indoor gardens for urban dwellers

City living no longer has to mean staring down artificial landscapes. Designers are increasingly tuning into urban spaces as ripe canvases for greenery. Ideas such as climber plants, vertical gardens and terrariums are…

Tasmanian devils head north to new home

The ailing but iconic Tasmanian devil is about to get a new home, with a giant sanctuary set to open in New South Wales.

Desert beetle aids breakthrough in water collection

Inspired by the biological structure of the desert-dwelling Stenocara beetle, University of Sydney researcher Dr Chiara Neto’s groundbreaking water collection technology could soon bring relief to drought-stricken areas.

How leopards got their spots

Leopard spots are more than just a pretty pattern, new research has revealed.

Protection push for Coral Sea marine life

The fate of more than 300 threatened species in Australia’s Coral Sea will be determined this week as global environmental leaders meet in Japan for the Convention on Biological Diversity (COP 10).

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