Whisky tongue

Artificial tongue to lick fake whisky

Who else but Scottish engineers would think of using an artificial tongue to differentiate between whiskies? A new paper published in the Royal Society of Chemistry‚Äôs journal Nanoscale¬†describe how they built the tiny…

Meet a flavour creator

Willy Wonka novelty lab or just a little disturbing?

Why do shellfish change colour when cooked?

  The answer to this question lies in the breaking of specific chemical bonds by heat.

Ancient Sumerians may not have consumed beer

Were they really the world’s first brewers?

Hormone injections improve the memory

Treatment with IGF-II could significantly improve memory.

Scientists mimic nature to make a light-harvesting antenna

The photosystems in green bacteria could give scientists a new type of solar cell.

Nuclear material in Antarctic moss provides clues to climate change

Atmospheric radiocarbon absorbed by the mosses during 1950s and 60s nuclear tests indicate significant climate change in East Antarctica.

Chemicals in spider silk repel ants

Golden orb web spiders add a chemical to their web silk to prevent ant invasions.

Inner planets did not form from the same material as the sun

Solar nebulae ‘fossils’ suggest that the sun and the inner planets did not form from the same materials, according to researchers.

Dinosaurs weren’t as cold as we thought

They may have been extinct for 65 million years, but scientists have found a way to take their temperatures.

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