Discovering Australia’s own sea turtle

Understanding the Flatback turtle requieres more than your average conservation program.

Visit Scitech’s new exhibition


Travel feature: Bears and the Bering Sea

A landscape of remote, icy islands, ice-clad volcanoes, and lush green valleys winding through jagged mountain ranges — the Russian Coast is a remarkably diverse and inspiring wilderness.

A beginner’s guide to adventure caving

What is it? Adventure caving is for anyone who wants to head off the track and find their way through a “˜wild’ cave. Unlike the developed tourist caves, an adventure cave is usually…

Born to climb: Tashi Tenzing on Everest

More than half a century after his grandfather became one of the first men in the world to summit Everest, the spirit of adventure lives on in Tashi Tenzing.

Hit the road: Natural seclusion on Lord Howe Island

Petrels and shearwaters, herons and owls — the scope of birdlife on Lord Howe mean the skies of this small island, off Australia’s east coast, never stay empty for long.

Hit the road: Australia’s best walks

The warmer months are coming, and we’ve unearthed some of the best places in the country for hiking, camping or just meandering the great outdoors.

Exploding Island: New Britain rises from the ashes

Often overlooked for its more glamorous Pacific cousins, Papua New Guinea is finally coming into full bloom. Leading the charge is wild, volcano-strewn New Britain: the adventurer’s playground.

Tahiti by boat: An aquatic journey through the majestic Marquesas

Behind the rugged mountain walls of Tahiti’s outermost islands lies a vibrant community with an ancient culture.

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