See-through soil will improve crops

The mysterious world of the rhizosphere revealed.

Meet RightingBot, the lizard inspired robot

A lizard-inspired robot has been developed; it has the ability to always land right side up.

Sorry molluscs, can’t hide from the mantis shrimp

Researchers are looking at the club of the Peacock mantis shrimp as inspiration for designing strong materials.

Silkmoth antennae spark eureka moment for scientists

The most powerful explosive detection device to date has been developed by a group of European researchers, but the idea behind the system isn’t entirely new, in fact a little moth species has…

Scientists mimic nature to make a light-harvesting antenna

The photosystems in green bacteria could give scientists a new type of solar cell.

Desert beetle aids breakthrough in water collection

Inspired by the biological structure of the desert-dwelling Stenocara beetle, University of Sydney researcher Dr Chiara Neto’s groundbreaking water collection technology could soon bring relief to drought-stricken areas.

Bio-mimicking robot fish slices through water

The most vulnerable part of any underwater robot is its propeller, which can be easily damaged on rocky terrain or get caught in submerged plants.

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