Satellite cameras could be used for facial recognition

Photos from surveillance cameras, YouTube and Facebook could be used for forensic investigatons.

Ultrasound could be the male pill

High frequency sounds waves stop sperm production. Is this the new vasectomy?

A few steps closer to Harry Potter’s invisibility cloak

  Now you see it… science can make things invisible.

Sunshade geoengineering could increase food supplies

Small particles released into the stratosphere could improve food security, but may have unseen consequences for Earth’s climate.

From words to sentences

Our brain uses two distinct neural pathways to divide the tasks of comprehending and producing language.

World’s smallest stirling engine developed

Technology that works on a large scale can cause spluttering in a smaller one.

Hormone injections improve the memory

Treatment with IGF-II could significantly improve memory.

Scientists mimic nature to make a light-harvesting antenna

The photosystems in green bacteria could give scientists a new type of solar cell.

New Paradigm of High Energy Physics on the Verge

It seems that CERN has successfully repeated the neutrino experiment, what’s next?

Bacterial suspects can be quickly identified

Researchers will now be able to identify micro-organisms in one minute, thanks to a new research laboratory.

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