The Sahara will be fertile in 10,000 years

Fossils in the bone-dry Sahara Desert reveal that the sand dunes are located in what was previously a moist, fertile region. Scientists used to believe that the Sahara switched between dry and moist…

How accurate are the weather models that predict thunderstorms?

The forecast is sunny, but there’s a slight chance of chaos.

Sunshade geoengineering could increase food supplies

Small particles released into the stratosphere could improve food security, but may have unseen consequences for Earth’s climate.

Nuclear material in Antarctic moss provides clues to climate change

Atmospheric radiocarbon absorbed by the mosses during 1950s and 60s nuclear tests indicate significant climate change in East Antarctica.

New Research into Cyclone Behaviour

After the devastation left behind from tropical cyclone Yasi, a better understanding can never be a bad thing.

Scientists uncertain how climate change affects cyclone behaviour

Climate change has been blamed for increased cyclone activity, but has there been any change at all?

Have the recent rains affected the drought in Australia?

South East Australia has just experienced its wettest September on record, but the rains have done little to ease the long-term drought conditions.

Move over, Great Wall: China’s smog is also visible from space

NASA satellites have captured images of China blanketed in pollution.

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