Another holiday in the near future. Your family is on a road trip, and after several hours, it’s time to fill up. Oil and coal are in short supply, and foreign superpowers are…

Nanoparticles restore blood flow after brain injury

  Carbon nanoparticles quench potent free radicals and stabilise cerebral blood flow.

Edison’s nickel-iron battery gets a 21st century makeover

A century old design could be used in electric vehicles, much as Edison originally envisioned.

Silkmoth antennae spark eureka moment for scientists

The most powerful explosive detection device to date has been developed by a group of European researchers, but the idea behind the system isn’t entirely new, in fact a little moth species has…

Are computer chips made out of sand?

The small integrated circuits are usually built out of semiconducting materials such as quartz.

A few steps closer to Harry Potter’s invisibility cloak

  Now you see it… science can make things invisible.

Eucalyptus species has nano properties

Eucalyptus macrocarpa is a gold mine for nanotechnology applications.

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