The power of string energy

Dr Henryk Frystaki talks about the universe, string theory and the GUT.  

Silk: the future of engineering

Silkworm cocoon inspires new technology for lightweight armour and cars.

Observing the Sun

  The European Space Agency (ESA) will launch the Solar Orbiter mission in 2017. It will investigate the connections between the Sun and the heliosphere, the magnetic bubble that surrounds our solar system….

As hard as a diamond?

  Ceramic could be the next supermaterial.

Travelling to the past

Scientists gain VIP access to the stars.

Slumber: a new study regime?

Sleeping after processing new material helps retain information.

From the archives: Test-tube babies

The first test-tube baby, Louise Joy Brown, was born in 1978.

Uncovering the secrets of the deep ocean

After six years of research and preparation, James Cameron and his crew are ready to take a plunge into the Earth’s final frontier.

Depression: an evolutionary by-product of the immune system

Depression may have been a genetic evolutionary advantage.

Evolutionary leap caused by 10 billion humans

A new evolutionary leap will occur by 2100, and Dr Henrik Frystacki tells you why.

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