Obesity linked to early-life antibiotics exposure

Antibiotics may promote fat growth and alter the human microbiome.

You are what you eat

Avoid the blues with certain food flavours.

Caffeine: new defence against skin cancer

Protection against skin cancer can be added to the list of health benefits that come with drinking coffee.

Apple peel boosts calorie burning

An apple a day keeps the doctor — and the fat — away.

Do we really need to drink two litres of water?

Researchers suggest our bodies need two litres of fluid per day, rather than two litres of water specifically.

Does cutlery affect the flavour of food?

Some food for thought when preparing your next dinner party.

Brain scans predict weight and sexual behaviour

Functional MRI scans can reliably judge a person’s most basic appetites.

Exercise changes your DNA

You could change your DNA through exercise and coffee consumption.

Boozing up to boost survival rates

Fruit flies use alcohol as a drug to kill parasites.

Bull’s-Eye: The strange case of the dwarf corn

Natural mutations could lead to better crops.

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