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Bats are acoustically identified

Ecologists develop a Europe-wide bat identification tool

Fighting fire with music

Forget water, bring out the bass.

Edison’s nickel-iron battery gets a 21st century makeover

A century old design could be used in electric vehicles, much as Edison originally envisioned.

Powering a mobile phone with a T-shirt

Soon you will be able to charge your mobile phone with a humble T-shirt.

Brain power on whole new level

  Implantable fuel cells harvest energy from the brain.

Sorry molluscs, can’t hide from the mantis shrimp

Researchers are looking at the club of the Peacock mantis shrimp as inspiration for designing strong materials.

Space animates Hollywood

Turns out picking up a cup of coffee uses a lot of motions.

Silkmoth antennae spark eureka moment for scientists

The most powerful explosive detection device to date has been developed by a group of European researchers, but the idea behind the system isn’t entirely new, in fact a little moth species has…

DNA strands self-assemble to make nanoscale artworks

Artistically crafted nanotechnology could enable the development of new tools to deliver drugs directly into disease sites in the body.

Restoring leg movement

Previously paralysed rats are able to walk — and run — again.

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