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Teaching humans to hibernate

The idea of making astronauts hibernate on long space missions often appears in science fiction, but now it is one step closer to reality. Scientists from the University of Tsukuba in Japan have…

Gut bugs make your drunk

Auto-brewery gut bacteria get you drunk

A special type of a well-known intestinal bacterium could be responsible for some cases of severe liver disease, according to new studies. Scientists from the Capital Institute of Pediatrics in China discovered the…

Nanoparticles restore blood flow after brain injury

  Carbon nanoparticles quench potent free radicals and stabilise cerebral blood flow.

Sea anemone venom as autoimmune disease treatment

A compound found in anemone venom could soon be the first line treatment for people with multiple sclerosis. 

Waking embryos in the womb

Your brain may already be awake before you are born.

Next step in HIV prevention research

The International Microbicide Conference 2012 looks at which methods work and the next steps in developing these.

Beating the height hangover

The over-the-counter solution that might help put an end to altitude sickness.

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