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Why do our eyes water when we chop up onions?

Onions emit a sulphur-containing gas when they are chopped. The gas irritates the cells of the eye, which react by producing tears that are intended to clear away the substance. In ordinary onions,…

See-through soil will improve crops

The mysterious world of the rhizosphere revealed.

Scientists discover how bees develop optimised traplines

  Brainiac bumblebees buzzing with mathematical solutions.

New rat found without molars

This rat has given up gnawing for sucking on earthworms.

The Primate of the Opera

Singing apes on helium use the same techniques as professional sopranos.

Snake disease decoded

Three snakes have helped researchers decode a mysterious disease.

Men are people, women are body parts

Our brains process images of men and women differently.

Wellcome Image Awards 2012

King penguins stressed by human presence

Not so happy feet.

Genes tell plants when to flower

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