Travel feature: Bears and the Bering Sea

The Polar Pioneer navigates pack ice. Image: Sue Werner, Courtesy of Aurora Expeditions

A landscape of remote, icy islands, ice-clad volcanoes, and lush green valleys winding through jagged mountain ranges — the Russian Coast is a remarkably diverse and inspiring wilderness.

As one of the first companies to bring ship-based expeditions to the Russian Coast, Aurora Expeditions understands the challenges of voyages in a region where weather, seas, wildlife, cultural and political sensitivities all come into play.

On board, their naturalist, historian and geologist help set the scene and their Russian crew are keen to show off their country’s natural beauty. This is expedition cruising at its best, and just as in their early Antarctic days, exploration and discovery are their greatest reward!

Solovetskiy Monestry on the White Sea. Image: Sergey Frolov, Courtesy of Aurora Expeditions

Visit medieval monasteries and witness the remnants of ancient cultures set against a high Arctic backdrop as you discover the “˜Secrets of the White Sea’ on their first inaugural voyage in the Russian High Arctic. Or take their “˜Voyage To The End Of The Earth’ and have the rare chance to visit the once forbidden Novaya Zemlya and experience the Midnight Sun as you explore Franz Josef Land’s remote and wondrous islands, a world of pack ice, polar bears, walrus and spectacular bird cliffs.

Traverse Siberia’s vast north coast on another inaugural voyage “˜Across The North East Passage’ – a land in places few foreigners have ever seen. Marvel at the tundra’s breathtaking autumn colours and millions of migratory birds heading south, while polar bears hurry to feed cubs before winter’s hibernation.

The Kamchatka Peninsula is home to hulking volcano craters and a population of brown bears. Image: David Mannix, Courtesy of Aurora Expeditions.

Take the “˜Bering Sea Explorer’ and cruise from Chukotka’s spectacular, glacier-carved fjords and jagged mountains, through historical subarctic Commander Islands, alive with sea lions, fur seals, and otters to Kamchatka with its brown bears and ghostly remains of an abandoned military base. Circle “˜The Ring of Fire’ as active volcanoes blast steam and ash into the sky as we Zodiac around, sometimes through, geologic wonders of the Kuril Islands, discovering a wilderness beyond compare.

Join Aurora on an adventure of a lifetime and help unlock the secrets of the remote Russian Coast.

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