Higgs boson: the quest continues

After years and years, the quest seems to be over”¦ or at least that is what we expect to hear next week, when CERN’s scientists unveil their results at the at the 36th International Conference on High Energy Physics at Melbourne’s Convention and Exhibition Centre.

The announcement will be made on July 4, but Ian Hinchliffe, a theoretical physicist who participated in the ATLAS experiment, wrote this week on Berkeley Lab’s website: “We do not yet know what will be shown on July 4th”¦ I have seen many conjectures on blogs about what will be shown: these are idle speculations. Things are moving very fast this week, and it’s an exciting time at CERN. Many years of hard work at coming to fruition.”

Meanwhile, watch this video in which Fermilab scientist Don Lincoln explains the nature of the elusive particle.

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