What is a red-giant?

Near the end of a star’s life, the temperature in its core rises and causes the star to expand into a red-giant.

Australian scientist wins Nobel Prize for Physics

The Universe may end in ice, according to Australian Nobel Laureate.

Which star is the largest?

The red hypergiant VY Canis Majoris holds the current distinction for being the largest star ever observed, in terms of volume, measuring 2,600 times larger than the Sun.

A cannibal among us

The Milky Way might have swallowed a galaxy as part of its formation.

Student locates Universe’s missing mass

Scientists have been searching for the missing mass for decades.

Discovering Wassonite

On December 1969, the Japanese Antarctic Research Expedition found several meteorites in the Yamato Mountains in Antarctica.

Runaway star’s origin discovered

A blue star hurtling through the outer reaches of our galaxy originated in the centre of the Milky Way 100 million years ago.

Outback race for the Square Kilometre Array telescope

Following a career that has included stints at NASA and the European Southern Observatory, Dr Peter Quinn now has a brief to bring Australia the most exciting new space project of the new…

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