Moths: hot or not?

Male moths may be throwing themselves into a relationship before they’re ready.

Silkmoth antennae spark eureka moment for scientists

The most powerful explosive detection device to date has been developed by a group of European researchers, but the idea behind the system isn’t entirely new, in fact a little moth species has…

Fruit flies change after sex

Men are from Mars, women are from Venus — and fruit fly neural circuits can prove it.

The elusive ladybird spider

With a striking red abdomen decorated with six black spots, the male ladybird spider is one of the world’s most fascinating — and elusive — creatures. This spider (Eresus cinnaberinus) is an endangered…

The empire of the micro

Directed by Austrian artist Clemens Wirth, this two-minute film takes you into the realm of the micro.

Female tsetse flies and what they teach us about mammals

Lactating tsetse flies can shine a light upon lactating mammals.

Black flies exist for a reason

These irritating creatures could be the key to preventing the diseases they spread.

Japanese honeybees cook their enemies

Irritating bees is never a good idea, especially not if they can kill their enemies with their body heat.

Common pesticides are indirectly killing bees

Sublethal doses affect bees by impairing their ability to find their way home.

The all-time diva of flies

Taxonomy immortalises Beyonce.

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