Why do we sneeze?

Sneezing helps us reboot our body.

Making blood vessels from liposuction fat

Healthy blood vessels can now be grown from adult stem cells extracted during liposuction.

Is it better to run without shoes?

With the London Olympics fast approaching we have a few tips to assist your athletic performance.

Sea anemone venom as autoimmune disease treatment

A compound found in anemone venom could soon be the first line treatment for people with multiple sclerosis. 

New hope for breast cancer patients

Researchers unlock the key to the spread of breast cancer.

DNA differences start in the womb

Australian researchers demonstrate the importance of your environment before birth.

First images of the common cold virus

Saving lives one 3D image at a time.

Chicken vaccines produce new viruses

Two herpesvirus vaccines have recombined to produce new virus strains.

Mapping our microbes

They may be small, but they outnumber our cells.

New lead on the cause of autism

Psychoactive chemicals in drinking water cause genetic changes in fish similar to those associated with autism. 

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