Professor Simon Cox and his Lego-expert son, James, with the Iridis-Pi supercomputer made from Raspberry Pi and Lego. Image: Simon Cox

Making a supercomputer with Lego blocks and Raspberry Pi

Father and son developed a step-by-step guide on how to make your own supercomputer.

The glacial Lake Cootapatamba greets hikers approaching the Kosciuszko summit. Image" Matthew Abbott

High Country

It should have taken a week to finish an overland journey across Australia’s alpine region — instead, it took a decade.

With our population expected to grow by two billion by 2050, a vegetarian diet may be our only option. Image: Shutterstock.

Will we be restricted to a vegetarian diet by 2050?

Too much water required to ‘grow’ a steak.

Bilingualism is beneficial to children. Image: Shutterstock

Bilingualism increases mental agility

Bilingual children may have competitive advantages.


Van Gogh could have painted this

Why is the corona hotter than the surface beneath it? Vincent van Gogh’s painting techniques may hold the answer.

Music also undergoes a natural selection process. Image: Shutterstock

The evolution of music

Music can evolve by the process of natural selection, the same way species evolve in the natural world.

The Panel of Hands, El Castillo Cave, Spain. A hand stencil has been dated to earlier than 37,000 years ago and a red disk to earlier than 40,600 years ago, making them the oldest cave paintings in Europe. Image: Pedro Saura

Were Neanderthals the earliest cave artists?

  An improved dating method has revealed that cave paintings in Spain are older than previously thought.

Pair-bonding in mammals is quite rare. Image: Shutterstock

The origin of monogamy

Monogamy evolved in humans when low-ranking males changed tack from competing with the higher-ranked rivals to revealing their more caring side to potential suitors.

Two of the paintings from Abri Castanet. Image: Raphaëlle Bourrillon

Earliest evidence of human art

An engraved ceiling predates the famous paintings at the Grotte Chauvet. 


The empire of the micro

Directed by Austrian artist Clemens Wirth, this two-minute film takes you into the realm of the micro.

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