The origin of monogamy

Monogamy evolved in humans when low-ranking males changed tack from competing with the higher-ranked rivals to revealing their more caring side to potential suitors.

Earliest evidence of human art

An engraved ceiling predates the famous paintings at the Grotte Chauvet. 

The empire of the micro

Directed by Austrian artist Clemens Wirth, this two-minute film takes you into the realm of the micro.

Mysteries of the human mind

Since the 1920s, researchers have been trying to understand why we can’t walk straight without a visible guide point.  Are we doomed to walk in circles? NPR finds the answer in this video.

Why did the Titanic sink?

It wasn’t a single factor that sent Titanic to the bottom of the ocean, it was a chain of them.

Uncovering the secrets of the deep ocean

After six years of research and preparation, James Cameron and his crew are ready to take a plunge into the Earth’s final frontier.

Evolutionary leap caused by 10 billion humans

A new evolutionary leap will occur by 2100, and Dr Henrik Frystacki tells you why.

Coyotes are pint-sized versions of their former selves

Dwindling food supplies not climate change played a role in the downsizing of coyotes.

Neanderthals were disappearing before modern humans arrived

European Neanderthals were already on the verge of extinction 50,000 years ago.

Fossilised pollen reveals ancient garden

Pollen recovered from 2500-year-old plaster has unlocked the secrets of Ramat Rahel’s garden.

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