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See-through soil will improve crops

The mysterious world of the rhizosphere revealed.

Small cats gone wild

Mutant butterflies linked to Fukushima disaster

Forget your childhood radioactive superheroes, these insects have a lot more to worry about.

BPA causes interspecies mating

The hormone-disrupting chemical makes it hard for fish to recognise their own species.

The Top End in storm season

In the Top End, you’re never really alone. The red dust and open roads speak of a uniquely Australian brand of isolation; but it only takes a moment’s pause to hear the roar…

Rare butterfly expanding its ranges

Some species will suffer from climate change while others will thrive — it all depends on their interactions with other species.

Ocean pollution detected by robots

Robotic fish have been released in the waters of the port of Gijon, Spain, to detect marine pollution. The intelligent robotic fish developed by SHOAL, a European research project, is capable of detecting…

Changing climate could affect pest fertility

A noxious fish species could benefit from increasing temperatures.

Talking trees

Plants can emit and react to sounds.

Blame it on the hunters

New state of the debate: Australian megafauna hunted to extinction.

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