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Neanderthals ate their greens

Our primitive relatives were more sophisticated than we thought.

Coral bleaching causes deadly competition among fish

Some fish turn aggressive when they have to share limited resources.

DNA differences start in the womb

Australian researchers demonstrate the importance of your environment before birth.

First images of the common cold virus

Saving lives one 3D image at a time.

Chicken vaccines produce new viruses

Two herpesvirus vaccines have recombined to produce new virus strains.

Telescope buried in Antarctic ice

Scientists are using a giant block of ice to detect neutrinos.

Saving the microbats

¬†Urbanisation could contribute to the demise of microbats, one of nature’s forgotten superheros.

Gigantic seabirds once glided over the Australian coast

  Huge bony-toothed birds soared in the sky over Australia five million years ago, fossil evidence shows.

Higgs boson: the quest continues

After years and years, the quest seems to be over”¬¶ or at least that is what we expect to hear next week, when CERN’s scientists unveil their results at the at the 36th¬†International…

Back on their feet

Robotic limbs may provide mobility to paraplegics or augment the strength and endurance of nurses, firefighters and soldiers. Science writer Henrik Bendix explores some of the exoskeleton options that are being developed. Additional…

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