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A radiographer’s view of animals

Selective imprinting: how the wallaby controls the growth of its young

Many imprinted genes regulate growth and nutrient provisioning for the developing fetus.

New rat found without molars

This rat has given up gnawing for sucking on earthworms.

Climbing in the rain

Geckos are perfectly adapted for clinging to dry surfaces in rainforests and urban environments.

Bats are acoustically identified

Ecologists develop a Europe-wide bat identification tool

It’s a small world

Animals would trump Olympic athletes

If animals were allowed to compete in the Olympics, we wouldn’t really stand much of a chance.

Mischievous rodents the reason for tropical tree survival

Researchers have discovered a textbook example of plant-animal mutualism in Panama.

Male peacocks, not just a pretty display

When male peacocks display their feathery plumage they are also having infrasonic conversations.

Animals inside out

Is this the new Noah’s Ark?

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