World’s largest wave energy device planted off UK coast

Image: North News & Pictures Ltd

A British company has taken a major step towards harnessing wave energy by planting a grid-connected power hub in a seabed in England’s South West.

The $70 million project, developed by South West RDA, hit a major milestone with the lowering of the 12-tonne device more than 20 kilometres off the coast of Cornwall on September 3.

South West RDA hopes the socket, dubbed Wave Hub, will be the centrepiece of a testing facility that could one day help provide energy for homes and businesses.

Wave power devices will be able to connect to the 12-tonne socket more than 20 kilometres off the coast of Cornwall. Scientists will then evaluate the devices for their performance.

Wave Hub will spend an estimated 25 years in service on the seabed as British scientists look for new ways of developing renewable energy from wave power. It is connected to the shore via a 25 kilometre subsea cable, and is anchored to the ocean floor by four 300 metre cable “tails”.

The video below shows Wave Hub being deployed to the seabed.

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  1. Did you know that Romania has a technical solution with the highest efficiency to capture wave power?.
    Patent 108893 entitled Dynamic Engine for Sea Wave Energy Catching. A pioneering invention. It is estimated that ‘dynamic engine’ has the ability to catching wave energy at a rate of over 80% while the other technical solutions known worldwide, are not able to capture wave energy with a higher percentage of about 10-15%.
    Cosma Vasile Romenia E-mail

  2. Code access for ‘Dynamic Engine’: PDF. 28723051. RO 108893

  3. Some information for patent “Dynamic Engine” can be found on:
    Ocean energy: Wave energy | Climate TechWiki.
    Summary and drawing is on page 28. [PDF] BOPI no. 9/1994 – OSIM

  4. To quickly find.
    Now is only available summary.
    Summary and drawing for patent “Dynamic Engine” is on page 28.

  5. Link for patent “Dynamic Engine”

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