From grey to green, car spaces to get facelift for a day


Urban areas in Adelaide, Melbourne and Brisbane will be transformed to green enclaves tomorrow, with environmentalists preparing to take over parking areas for a day.

The PARK(ing) Day movement began in San Francisco in 2005 with the aim of “greening up” urban areas in the city. In its inception year, a single on-street carpark was transformed into a “people park” with turf, shelter and seating.

The concept has since grown into a global phenomenon with groups in countries as diverse as Argentina, Iran, South Africa and China signing up to add some green to their urban landscapes on September 17.

Several major events are planned around Australia, with Brisbane volunteers teaming up with local businesses to create a green area in the middle of Queen Street mall as well as smaller spaces around the city.

In Adelaide, 13 spaces have so far been set aside for sprucing. Smaller affairs are expected in Sydney and Perth.

Watch the video below to see PARK(ing) Day in action.

PARK(ing) Day: User-Generated Urbanism from Brandon Bloch .

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