Total lunar eclipse guide December 2011

During lunar eclipses, the Moon turns red. Image: Shutterstock

Lunar eclipses are safe to watch, and you’ll have the chance to see one on December 10-11, 2011.This is the last total lunar eclipse until 2014, and it is expected to last 51 minutes. “Unlike a solar eclipse, lunar eclipses last for much longer and can be viewed safely from anywhere on the night side of Earth, without need for protective or special equipment,” said Dr. Tanya Hill, Astronomer at the Melbourne Planetarium at Scienceworks. During a lunar eclipse, filtered sunlight makes de Moon appear red–depending on the presence of dust and clouds, it can appear brown, orange or yellow.

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Total eclipse of the Moon

Begins Saturday, Dec 10 ““ ends Sunday, Dec 11

City Start, main part of the eclipse Mid-eclipse End, main part of the eclipse
Darwin 10:16pm Sat 00:02am Sun 01:48am Sun
Brisbane 10:46pm Sat 00:32am Sun 02:18am Sun
Sydney 11:46pm Sat 01:32am Sun 03:18am Sun
Canberra 11:46pm Sat 01:32am Sun 03:18am Sun
Melbourne 11:46pm Sat 01:32am Sun 03:18am Sun
Hobart 11:46pm Sat 01:32am Sun 03:18am Sun
Adelaide 11:16pm Sat 01:02am Sun 02:48am Sun
Perth 8:46pm Sat 10:32pm Sat 00:18am Sun

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