What makes Paris look like Paris?

Visual data mining of Google identifies cities’ distinctive details.

Bats are acoustically identified

Ecologists develop a Europe-wide bat identification tool

New lasers could prevent plane crashes

The laser light velocity sensors have been successfully tested in a high-speed wind tunnel.

3D technology boosts swimmers’ performance

3D technology could give Australian swimmers an edge.

Fighting fire with music

Forget water, bring out the bass.

Bioengineers developed an artificial jellyfish

Medusoid is the brainchild of professor Kevin Kit Parker and a team of researchers at the California Institute of Technology and Harvard University. Using silicone and muscle cells taken from a rat’s heart,…

Edison’s nickel-iron battery gets a 21st century makeover

A century old design could be used in electric vehicles, much as Edison originally envisioned.

6U CubeSat: Australia’s opportunity for a national space program

UNSW researchers have developed a new system design for a nano-satellite, which could lead the way into a sustainable Australian space program.

Land of science and discovery

Antarctica seems so unwelcoming that it has awakened the imagination of scientists and adventurers. One hundred years ago, it was almost impossible to live there, but today the endless ice deserts of the…

Photographing the world’s smallest shadow

How few atoms do we need to cast a shadow?

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