Robot learns to recognise itself in a mirror

Self-awareness is the next big step for thinking robots.

A step towards hydrogen energy with nanostructures

Engineers have demonstrated that hydrogen can be released and reabsorbed from a promising new storage material.

Colour-changing robot inspired by octopus

The cephalopod’s impressive camouflage led scientists to create a rubbery new robot.

Disney takes face cloning to an impressive new level

A human face has been physically cloned onto an animatronic character.

Google Earth inspires cell biologists

Advances in microscopy allow researchers to zoom in and out of biological tissue like they’re using Google Earth.

What makes Paris look like Paris?

Visual data mining of Google identifies cities’ distinctive details.

Bats are acoustically identified

Ecologists develop a Europe-wide bat identification tool

New lasers could prevent plane crashes

The laser light velocity sensors have been successfully tested in a high-speed wind tunnel.

3D technology boosts swimmers’ performance

3D technology could give Australian swimmers an edge.

Fighting fire with music

Forget water, bring out the bass.

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