Shallow quakes can cause more damage

The depth of the latest earthquake in Christchurch played a bigger role than it’s size.

Icelandic volcano drilling suggests magma as a source of energy

Scientists drilling in the Krafla volcano in Iceland discovered a source of energy they weren’t expecting.

Horned dinosaurs found on ‘lost continent’

Two new species of horned dinosaurs unearthed in the United States were inhabitants of the lost continent of Laramidia, scientists believe.

World’s largest wave energy device planted off UK coast

A British company has taken a major step towards harnessing wave energy by planting a grid-connected power hub in a seabed in England’s South West.

Video: Six months of New Zealand’s seismic activity in less than a minute

The huge 7.1 scale earthquake that shook the south island of New Zealand last week caused few serious casualties, but left widespread structural damage in its wake.

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