Niceness may be predicted by our genes

  DNA may help explain why some people are nicer than others.

Of mice and Vikings

The Vikings weren’t the only invading force during the 10th century.

Exercise changes your DNA

You could change your DNA through exercise and coffee consumption.

Promiscuous queen bees produce healthier colonies

If you’re a queen bee, mating more than once means better genetic diversity and more bacteria.

Unlocking the secrets of chemical signals

Witchweeds and smoke-responsive species have taken advantage of chemical signals, but not for the same reasons.

What do gorillas and humans have in common?

The gorilla genome has given scientists an insight into human evolution.

Outback palms may have been introduced by humans

An ancient plant may have been carried to Palm Valley by humans.

Depression: an evolutionary by-product of the immune system

Depression may have been a genetic evolutionary advantage.

Immortal worms defy aging

Forget botox injections and age-defying creams, a species of flatworm may hold the key to looking young forever.

Which animal’s DNA differs the most from human DNA?

Making a genetic comparison between species is almost impossible.

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