Marine Biology

Sorry molluscs, can’t hide from the mantis shrimp

Researchers are looking at the club of the Peacock mantis shrimp as inspiration for designing strong materials.

Octopus focus on key features for camouflage

Effective camouflage technique give octopi an evolutionary advantage.

Victoria’s orange army

  Thousands of Giant Spider Crabs (Leptomithrax gaimardii) congregate in Port Phillip Bay every year before their winter moult.

Endangered seagrasses can store carbon

Scientists estimate that seagrass meadows can store as much carbon as a forest.

Mysterious bleaching

The smooth coral flower (Eusmilia fastigiata) usually varies in colour from shades of yellow-grey to brown with blue-green tinting and white tentacles, but this particular specimen found on a reef in the Caribbean…

Changing climate could affect pest fertility

A noxious fish species could benefit from increasing temperatures.

Glowing can be an effective camouflage

Small-eye pigmy sharks’ bellies shine to disguise them from predators.

2012 University of Miami Underwater Photography Contest

Baby Weedy Seadragons

Sydney Aquarium’s four baby Weedy Seadragons made their debut this week.

An unlikely survivor

Coral reefs could survive in more acidic oceans.

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