Marine Biology

Heavy mating has a cost

The dumpling squid (Euprymna tasmanica) mates for up to three hours and cannot return to peak physical form for up to 30 minutes.

Coral bleaching causes deadly competition among fish

Some fish turn aggressive when they have to share limited resources.

Why do shellfish change colour when cooked?

  The answer to this question lies in the breaking of specific chemical bonds by heat.

BPA causes interspecies mating

The hormone-disrupting chemical makes it hard for fish to recognise their own species.

Plenty of fish in the sea

El Niño to blame for ancient reef collapse

Ancient reef foretells the possible fate of modern coral reef ecosystems.

Why do some snails float?

In the case of the snail, the eggs came first.

Do all vampires have fangs?

A trip to the Deep Oceans exhibition at the Australian Museum changed our perspective on these alleged neck nibblers.

Sorry molluscs, can’t hide from the mantis shrimp

Researchers are looking at the club of the Peacock mantis shrimp as inspiration for designing strong materials.

Octopus focus on key features for camouflage

Effective camouflage technique give octopi an evolutionary advantage.

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