Coyotes are pint-sized versions of their former selves

Dwindling food supplies not climate change played a role in the downsizing of coyotes.

Neanderthals were disappearing before modern humans arrived

European Neanderthals were already on the verge of extinction 50,000 years ago.

Fossilised pollen reveals ancient garden

Pollen recovered from 2500-year-old plaster has unlocked the secrets of Ramat Rahel’s garden.

Ancient Sumerians may not have consumed beer

Were they really the world’s first brewers?

From the archives: The bombing of Darwin

Seventy years ago the droning of aircraft could be heard above Darwin.

From South America with love

6,700 years ago popcorn irrupted as a popular snack.

3,000-year-old tomb of female singer found in Egypt

Swiss archaeologists have discovered the tomb of a female singer dating back almost 3,000 years in Egypt’s Valley of the Kings.

Ask Us: Which are the origins of Ontong Java Atoll?

Abel Tasman found the atoll and named it Ontong Java on March 22, 1643.

World’s oldest evidence of deep sea fishing

Our regional ancestors mastered the art of deep sea fishing 42,000 years ago.

The Last Supper needs cleaner air

Although outdoor pollution has been reduced around the painting by 88 and 94 per cent, indoor pollution is still a major threat to Da Vinci’s “˜Last Supper’.

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