Animals would trump Olympic athletes

If animals were allowed to compete in the Olympics, we wouldn’t really stand much of a chance.

Our eyes reveal more than we think

When you’re talking to someone, you might ask them to try and remember what they had for breakfast two days ago. As they think back, their eye movements will increase.

The power of string energy

Dr Henryk Frystaki talks about the universe, string theory and the GUT.  

Zoos are looking for love online

Female tiger is seeking a mate. Must be genetically unrelated, calm, confident and not unduly aggressive. Preferably reared by his parents.

Why did the Titanic sink?

It wasn’t a single factor that sent Titanic to the bottom of the ocean, it was a chain of them.

There’s no canary in these mines

Australia is a country rich in minerals; there are literally billions of dollars beneath our feet — and we keep stepping on them because we simply don’t have the tools to reach them. Mining…

The Discovery of a powerful Black Hole Hurricane

Twenty-eight thousand light years away from Earth, towards the centre of the Milky Way, an unexpectedly mighty hurricane blows around a tiny black hole.

Louisiana is sinking

Though it may seem like a paradox, a lack of water could drown coastal Louisiana. Every hour, an area of land approximately the size of a football field disappears. Mostly to blame are…

Sexual competition has endowed ducks with enormous organs

Male Argentine lake ducks possess — in relation to their body length — the longest penises of any vertebrate. 

Evolutionary leap caused by 10 billion humans

A new evolutionary leap will occur by 2100, and Dr Henrik Frystacki tells you why.

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