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What happens when we get sunburnt?

Turns out this painful process is an immune response to radiation.

Why is everyone talking about the Higgs boson?

Tonight scientists at the CERN research centre will release a press statement explaining whether or not they have found the Higgs boson. Although most of us are not too familiar with this hypothetical…

Is there such thing as a five-second rule?

The food myth disproven.

Why do some snails float?

In the case of the snail, the eggs came first.

Do all vampires have fangs?

A trip to the Deep Oceans exhibition at the Australian Museum changed our perspective on these alleged neck nibblers.

What is an induced coma?

An induced coma gives the brain the rest necessary to recover. Medically induced coma requires an extreme type of general anesthesia that essentially deactivates the brain; this prevents the patients from being revived…

Do we really need to drink two litres of water?

Researchers suggest our bodies need two litres of fluid per day, rather than two litres of water specifically.

Did you know that on September 3rd, we celebrate the International Bacon Day. Image: Shutterstock

Why does bacon sometimes have greenish colour?

Mystery of the green bacon solved.

Is there carbon on Mars?

New research proves that Mars can produce organic carbon.

Can our computers be infected with bacteria?

You should always wash before you type.

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