Laura Boness

Preschoolers think like scientists

Child’s play is very similar to scientific experiments.

Hubble looks deep into the Universe

We can now see further into the skies than ever before.

Plastic and print power

Plastic solar cells could pave the way for a clean energy industry.

Protein could give IVF couples hope

One protein is critical for the beginning of life.

How the cheetah gets its spots

There may be a big difference in size, but cheetahs and tabby cats have things in common.

Scientists find trigger for epileptic seizures

This could be a step towards curing temporal lobe epilepsy.

Ancient Roman fortification discovered in Germany

It wasn’t only Asterix who resisted the Roman conquest of Gaul.

“Blueberries” could be key to Martian life

It’s unlikely that anything still lives on Mars today, but anything that was around millions or even billions of years ago might have left a few traces behind.

How accurate are the weather models that predict thunderstorms?

The forecast is sunny, but there’s a slight chance of chaos.

Teenage brains in the digital world

When it comes to technology, adults won’t be able to keep up with their children.

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