Laura Boness

Viewing tropical storms and other natural disasters from space

Australia receives an average of 13 cyclones a year, while the US might see up to 20. Every one of these destructive storms┬ávaries in their life cycles, intensity, movement, size and impacts such…

Fungi treatment produces Stradivarius-worthy sounds

A bit of fungi and a modern violin can sound like a Stradivarius.

Spinach power could provide electricity

Apparently Popeye the Sailorman isn’t the only one who can get a boost from spinach.

Can the shape of the glass affect your drinking habits?

Have you ever finished a drink almost twice as fast as your friends?

Deadly devil disease is here to stay

The devil is apparently in the chromosomes.

Why are some enzymes so promiscuous?

Enzymes are meant to be specific, right?

Fossil find solves evolutionary debate

It’s hard to track down members of a family when many of them disappeared millions of years ago.

The Milky Way has a twin

Or maybe even two…scientists have found a group of galaxies that look just like ours.

In memory of Neil Armstrong

Corals can suffer from nutrient imbalance

Improving water quality could help save coral reefs.

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