Nafion has a low refractive index and high transparency, making it ideal to observe the plant roots through. Image: Lionel Dupuy

See-through soil will improve crops

The mysterious world of the rhizosphere revealed.

Radar transponders track bumblebees' navigation patterns to learn how they find the best foraging route. Image: Stephan Wolf

Scientists discover how bees develop optimised traplines

  Brainiac bumblebees buzzing with mathematical solutions.

Myotis muricola from Kuningan, West Java. Otherwise known as the wall-roosting mouse-eared bat, it is a species of vesper bat. Image: Universiti Putra Malaysia

New bat species found in Malaysia

Misclassification of species suggests that there is need for a revision of the taxonomic status of muricola bats.

Enzymes are often thought to be specific, catalysing only one reaction in a cell (left), but some more promiscuous enzymes have many functions and catalyse many reactions in a cell. Credit: Courtesy of Systems Biology Research Group, UC San Diego, Jacobs School of Engineering

Why are some enzymes so promiscuous?

Enzymes are meant to be specific, right?

Light and temperature trigger the loss of symbiotic algae (bleaching) in a nutrient-stressed staghorn coral. Image: University of Southampton

Corals can suffer from nutrient imbalance

Improving water quality could help save coral reefs.

Holotype of P. vermidax. Image: Biology Letters

New rat found without molars

This rat has given up gnawing for sucking on earthworms.

A gibbon's song can be heard from over three kilometres away. Image: Kitch Bain/Shutterstock.

The Primate of the Opera

Singing apes on helium use the same techniques as professional sopranos.

Computer simulated pyramidal cells in the hippocampus. These cells are thought to be involved in memory and other cognitive functions. Image: M. Hausser/ UCL/ Wellcome Images.

Where do place fields originate?

Silent pyramidal cells in the hippocampus can be converted into active place cells.

The extinct ichthyosaurus would have evolved to handle deep-sea dives. Image: Photographer: User:Ballista from Charmouth Heritage Coast Centre, Charmouth, England/Wikimedia Commons

Ichthyosaurs suffered from the bends

These ancient reptiles may have injured themselves during long deep-sea dives.

A baby tortoise emerging from its amniotic egg. Image: Wikipedia

Did the egg come first?

The egg came first, in amniotes at least.

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