Viruses could soon be used to clear the skin of people with acne. Image: Deklofenak/Shutterstock

A new viral treatment for acne has been developed

Viruses that live on the skin naturally quash acne-causing bacteria.


Meet a flavour creator

Willy Wonka novelty lab or just a little disturbing?


A radiographer’s view of animals

This single-celled beauty is the most abundant coccophore in the ocean. Image: PLoS Biology/ Wikimedia Commons

Armour-covered floating beauty

‘Ehux’ is a micro-organism vital to marine food chains — it is also visually mesmerising.

Mycobacterium tuberculosis stained [red] in sputum sample. Image: Centre for Disease Control and Prevention

Fighting tuberculosis with soil bacterium

A natural compound found in soil kills antibiotic-resistant Mycobacterium  tuberculosis.

The first documented image of a redback spider-hunting wasp with its paralysed prey. Image: Florian and Peter Irwin.

Australian wasp becomes arachnophobe’s hero

The notorious redback spider has a predator of its own.

The Abel Tasman could start fishing for jack mackerel and redbait in Australian waters. Image: Shutterstock

Can Australia’s shores cope with a super trawler?

What do history and science tell us about the impacts of trawling.

The electric Hyundai Getz could become a more common feature on Australian roads. Image: The REV project

Electric infrastructure installed in Perth

Australia’s first electric car recharge network has been built in Perth.

The Icelandic horse is a "five-gaited" breed: it can walk, trot, canter/gallop, tölt and pace. Image: Wikimedia Commons

A single gene controls movement in vertebrates

Scientists have found that one gene is responsible for variability in locomotion in horses and mice.

Limiting the amount of SO after brain injury is key to effective emergency treatment and full recovery of trauma patients.

Nanoparticles restore blood flow after brain injury

  Carbon nanoparticles quench potent free radicals and stabilise cerebral blood flow.

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