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The moonwalking bird

A male manakin courting a female is an impressive sight.

The after life of a whale

A whale has in interesting after life, as it feeds some deep ocean species. Check out this video directed by Sharon Shattuck and Flora Lichtman.

Untamed nature

Natural history filmmaker Karen Bass shares footage from her latest projects.

Black hole caught committing murder

  Most homicide cases involve finding the murderer, but this is the first time NASA have been able to identify a stellar homicide victim.

The empire of the micro

Directed by Austrian artist Clemens Wirth, this two-minute film takes you into the realm of the micro.

Mysteries of the human mind

Since the 1920s, researchers have been trying to understand why we can’t walk straight without a visible guide point.  Are we doomed to walk in circles? NPR finds the answer in this video.

Baboons can recognise words

Baboons have no linguistic skills, but they can spot printed words. Over a period of 45 days, a team of scientists from the US and France studied a group of baboons living in…

The secret life of plankton

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