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How the cheetah gets its spots

There may be a big difference in size, but cheetahs and tabby cats have things in common.

Robots inspired by nature

Nature has often been a source of inspiration in film and literature, but more recently, engineers have gotten into the natural trend, designing robots inspired by wildlife. This development demonstrates how our surrounding…

Small cats gone wild

New green lacewing discovered in Malaysia

A Malaysian amateur photographer, Guek Hock Ping, captured a beautiful green lacewing in early 2011. Before freeing it, he took some pictures that were uploaded to Flickr. When Shaun Winterton, an entomologist who…

Climbing in the rain

Geckos are perfectly adapted for clinging to dry surfaces in rainforests and urban environments.

It’s a small world

Torrent frog

Frogs inspire hearing aid idea

  Chinese Torrent frogs are able to communicate clearly, despite the background of crashing waterfalls.

Old termites go on suicide missions

Termites seem to have developed an explosive strategy for warfare.

Mischievous rodents the reason for tropical tree survival

Researchers have discovered a textbook example of plant-animal mutualism in Panama.

Why do some snails float?

In the case of the snail, the eggs came first.

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