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New hope for breast cancer patients

Researchers unlock the key to the spread of breast cancer.

Chicken vaccines produce new viruses

Two herpesvirus vaccines have recombined to produce new virus strains.

Sitting could take years off your life

Sedentary behaviour has been linked to a number of diseases, including cancer.

Caffeine: new defence against skin cancer

Protection against skin cancer can be added to the list of health benefits that come with drinking coffee.

Diabetes drug makes brain cells grow

A common diabetes drug comes with a useful side effect.

Is there such thing as a five-second rule?

The food myth disproven.

Back on their feet

Robotic limbs may provide mobility to paraplegics or augment the strength and endurance of nurses, firefighters and soldiers. Science writer Henrik Bendix explores some of the exoskeleton options that are being developed. Additional…

Treating depression with daffodils

Wordsworth was right about these flowers.

Gluten-free pasta made from green bananas

This could be a tasty new option for coeliac patients.

Apple peel boosts calorie burning

An apple a day keeps the doctor — and the fat — away.

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